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Tasty Tips

Asparagus season is in full swing–don’t miss out on one of spring’s most versatile and tasty offerings. Select freshly picked stalks, without the chalky film at the bottom. Whether steaming, roasting or grilling, simply snap each one near the end; they will break at the proper point, where the woody and tender parts meet. Grilling […]

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Spring Potato Salad

I have a niece who lives in New York City and just started a food blog, Season with Reason. For those who love cooking  local and seasonal foods, I highly recommend it to you. She focuses on ingredients and recipes, so you can enjoy the blog  no matter where you live. She also tackles nutrition […]

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Asparagus Season

To me, asparagus sings “spring”, a welcome song after a long winter. If you grow asparagus, you’re picking more than you know what to do with, and if you’ve been in the grocery store this month, you  can’t avoid the large displays of it. Avoid no more. Whether you want to make soup, salad, or […]

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Cafe Sebastienne

Café Sebastienne has been a perennial favorite since its debut in the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in 1995. In the original and smaller dining room, colorful oils by Artist Fredrick James Brown cover the walls. Diners can also choose to sit in the enclosed courtyard, with its vast ceilings, bright sunshine and decidedly louder […]

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