Spring Potato Salad

I have a niece who lives in New York City and just started a food blog, Season with Reason. For those who love cooking  local and seasonal foods, I highly recommend it to you. She focuses on ingredients and recipes, so you can enjoy the blog  no matter where you live. She also tackles nutrition and the politics of food, so it’s a worthwhile read.

Rebecca recently posted a recipe for potato salad that looked so appealing I had to try it. It’s from Smitten Kitchen and it sings with glorious notes of spring.

As you can see from the photos, I used Peruvian blue potatoes, though Yukon gold, fingerlings or any baby new potatoes would work beautifully. I also added basil and mint because both herbs are thriving in my garden and I couldn’t resist. My favorite part of the recipe was the pickled onions. The pickling process transforms their taste and could be used in most salad recipes that call for raw onions.


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