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Around the BLOCK

Marble Top Cafe

Written By: Mary Bloch - May• 13•12

Most of us know Chef Kamal as Yummy, the affable gentleman who offers samples of his hummus, baba ganoush and pita chips at Brookside Market and Whole Foods. But  Yummy knows that his products are never as fresh as when they are first packaged, so he decided to open a restaurant where he could serve up Mediterranean specialities right out of the kitchen.

Marble Top Cafe is in the old Quiznos sub shop on Ward Parkway, but Yummy has done a great job making it more appealing. Patrons order at the counter, but Yummy or a server will bring the food to your table.

The menu is small–gyros, salads, sandwiches, daily specials and a few sides. I went for  the vegetarian platter, because it includes most of the menu items all on one plate…..baba ganoush, falafel with tahini sauce, tabouli, hummus and pita, and dolmas (rice stuffed grape leaves) with yogurt sauce. The falafel, not typically a favorite, was crisp without a hint of oil, the tabouli was fresh and light, and there was more than enough pita to scoop up all the goodness on my plate. Had there not been, Yummy would have gladly given me more.

My dining companion tried the gyro platter with greek salad and rice. She could have substituted French fries for the rice–not sure why French fries appear on this menu, but perhaps Yummy feels a need to appeal to more mainstream eaters.

Portions are hefty and a great value. The Marble Top cafe will appeal to those looking for a quick and healthful bite. And Yummy recently started serving Turkish coffee, hot chocolate and teas.

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