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Around the BLOCK

The Preservation Market in Bridger’s Bottle Shop

Written By: Mary Bloch - May• 26•14

Alex Pope has done it again. Now those of us who love The Local Pig and Pigwich have a midtown option when we want our fix. Pope recently opened a food shop called Preservation Market inside Bridger’s Bottle Shop, creating a restaurant within a beer market. Here’s how it works.Refrigerated beer cases--Bridger's Bottle Shop

Bridger’s offers more than 600 bottles of beer to grab-n-go or sip in the restaurant, as well as a number of rotating beers on tap. The beer is efficiently displayed in the refrigerated cases by style and country, making it very easy to hone in on ones that may appeal to each individual. The staff is friendly and helpful, and will be happy to guide you in your selection.Menu--Preservation Market

If you want food with your beer (or without), there’s a menu tear sheet as you walk into the space where you mark what you want to eat. Hand it to a person behind the counter, pay or open a tab, and get a number to take with you to your table. Your order will be delivered to you when it’s ready. Pulled Pork and Beet salad--Preservation Market

The menu features preserved and local farmhouse foods. With an emphasis on pickled vegetables, the first salad I gravitated toward was the beet salad with pulled pork, sweet corn relish, Brussels slaw and chipotle rosemary vinaigrette. I was intrigued by the ingredients and unclear how the combination would work. But boy did it. Not only is it a beautiful salad, and much heftier than I expected, but the flavors did a wonderful balancing act. As one of the servers suggested to me, it’s like a deconstructed pulled pork sandwich, with the beets serving as the barbecue sauce. Before I tried the salad, I would have considered that description a bit of a reach, but after trying it I could definitely see his point.

Another winner, and one of many vegetarian options, was the marinated tofu salad with warm mushrooms, feta, almond spice crumble, arugula and red wine vinaigrette. In addition to a wonderful array of flavors, the presentation was stunning.Cheddar encrusted olives--Preservation MarketTofu and mushroom salad--Preservation Market

On another visit my husband and I tried a couple of small plates; cheddar encrusted olives and  flatbread with mushroom confit, caramelized onions and whipped brie. Other creative options include a chorizo tart, lamb tartar, pickled deviled eggs, as well as cheese and charcuterie plates.Wild mushroom flatbread--Preservation Market

The sandwich list is reminiscent of the Local Pig’s creativity. Options include a Buffalo chicken sandwich with wing sauce, gorgonzola ranch and fried onions, jerk chicken with manchego, habanero creme fraiche and a cashew and fig spread, lamb meatballs with marinated feta, pickles, orange preserves and yogurt sauce, and smoked pork loin with BBQ sauce, smoked provolone, sweet corn pickle and fried onion. Subway or Jimmy John’s this is not. The bread is as good as the ingredients, and all of the ingredients are mouthwatering. I enjoyed the Citrus-herb pork roast with pulled pork, swiss, spicy pickles, cilantro, raisin relish and cumin aioli. It was quite rich, but I managed to inhale it anyway. Next time I’ll ask for more pickles.P1020694

All sandwiches and salads come with a choice of barley salad, cornbread or the same awesome housemade potato chips that are served with Pigwich offerings.Barley salad--Preservation Market

Another cool thing about this place (can you tell I’m enamored of it?) is that Alex, Executive Chef Andrew Heimburger, along with General Manager and Certified Cicerone Erica Pyles will be hosting Beer Dinners the last Wednesday of every month, pairing featured wines from the bottle shop with innovative dishes from the kitchen of Preservation Market.P1020604

This innovative collaboration is just another example of how far Westport has come since its sketchy late-night reputation and spotty eateries. It’s now an area where all ages can co-exist while enjoying some awesome food and drink.

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