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First Taste: Saki Asian

Written By: Mary Bloch - May• 12•14

Sakae Sushi Admittedly, I don’t think about driving to the Northland to eat. I’m usually only in the area on the way to or from the airport, and never want to stop to eat after a trip in which I spend most of my time eating! But many Facebook mentions and online pictures of Saki Asian convinced me to make the drive, which is actually no farther and probably easier than driving to Leawood from the Plaza.

The name and the pictures I had seen made me assume that this is just a sushi restaurant, but when we sat down and were handed the extensive menu I discovered that it’s an Asian restaurant serving the cuisines of China, Thailand and Japan. Since we only ordered sushi and didn’t try any of the wok dishes or the hibachi grill or the curries, I have no idea if they’ve tackled too much, but I do know that they hit a home run with the sushi.

The sushi list is extensive, and our server recommended it all so it was hard to pare down our choices. But we were delighted with what we selected; it was beautifully presented and the fish was as fresh as any you’d find on the coasts.Yellowtail Sashimi with jalapeno and cilantro--Sakae Sushi

We started with Jalapeno Yellowtail Sashimi, thick slices of yellowtail in a light and citrusy vinaigrette that allowed the flavor of the fish to sing. It’s in a different class than similar renditions of the same dish around town.

We then shared the Spider Roll, soft shell crab with eel sauce and the Sumo Roll, spicy tuna and asparagus topped with white tuna, red tuna, smelt roe and green onion. We didn’t realize at first that half of the pieces had white tuna on top and the other half had red, but fortunately we figured it out in time to sample both.Sumo Roll and Caterpiller Roll--Sakae Sushi

Service was attentive, oh-so-friendly and efficient. The restaurant personnel clearly wanted us to be happy and return. No worries, we’ll be back, and not just on our way home from the airport.

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