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Around the BLOCK

China Chilcano, Washington, DC

I’m a fan of José Andrés, and have consistently enjoyed exciting and unique fare at all of his restaurants. I remember when I first went to Oyamel (Mexican) and Jaleo (Spanish) and was so impressed with the quality of the fare, and then Zaytinya (Mediterranean), where I was blown away by the creativity and execution. […]

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China Poblano–Las Vegas

Jose Andrés is to food and restaurants what Peyton Manning is to quarterbacks and football. He is revered in his industry and everyone tries to emulate him. And it’s no wonder. Andrés has built a growing empire of restaurants from coast to coast and beyond. He started with Jaleo years ago, a Spanish tapas restaurant […]

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Bo Ling’s on the Plaza

This summer, Bo Ling’s moved its flagship restaurant to a space on the Plaza worthy of its designation as the top dog in the chain.  It’s stunning in its contemporary and bold design. Taking up half of the Skelly building, the restaurant would almost feel cavernous if not for the well-divided dining room that includes […]

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Princess Garden

I’ve loved Princess Garden since the day I first went in 1981. The Chang family is still running it, with brothers Sammy and Robert taking the reins from their father some years ago. It’s a comfortable spot where everyone knows your name, they always ask about your kids and know what kind of beer you […]

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