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Around the BLOCK

The NoMad Hotel Dining Room–New York City

Anyone who reads my blog or listens to me on the KCUR Food Critics show knows that my husband doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on “fancy” restaurant meals. So it was with some trepidation that I booked a table at The NoMad hotel in New York to celebrate my son’s birthday last […]

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Come on people, as of May 6th chef/owner Colby Garrelts is a James Beard award winner! How can Bluestem not be packed every night? True, it’s not inexpensive, but for sheer value, it stacks up well with the other upscale restaurants in our fair city. And for a restaurant with a prix-fixe menu, it’s cheap […]

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Geranimo in Santa Fe

Geranimo is a veritable institution in Santa Fe. It has changed chefs over the years, but has never lost its panache or its place as one of the premier restaurants in Santa Fe…if, that is, you are looking for an upscale, non-enchilada/burrito meal. Geranimo is in a lovely house on Canyon Road, about 2/3 of […]

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Room 39

I’ve always loved Room 39. The servers are consistently friendly and knowledgeable, the space has a lovely coziness to it and the restaurant’s personality shifts as the clock does. In the¬† morning it’s an upscale coffee shop, with exceptional coffee and egg dishes, including a quiche that is probably¬† four inches high. At lunchtime, it’s […]

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