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Around the BLOCK

Cosentino’s Market Downtown

If you haven’t already explored Cosentino’s Market downtown, treat yourself to the experience. Regardless of whether you live or work downtown, it’s worth the drive. A grocery store was the missing link to entice people to live downtown, and Cosentino’s (the same family that brought us the Brookside Market) really did it right. Among other […]

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888 International Market

For those of us living near the Plaza, 888 International Market is a hike. It’s located near Antioch and 119th St. in Overland Park.  But think of it as an adventure, a trip to Asia if you will, that costs less than a tank of gas as opposed to a very expensive plane ticket. International? […]

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The Tasteful Olive

On a recent trip to Napa Valley, we were blown away by a fabulous store that featured every imaginable flavor of olive oil. The best part was that sampling was encouraged before buying. Open the spigot, let a few drops fall into a tiny, tiny cup and dip a piece of bread or your finger […]

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Roeland Park’s Price Chopper

It would be hard to find a more comprehensive selection of Mexican and Latino food items in Kansas City than at the Price Chopper in Roeland Park. In my hunt for achiote paste to marinate shrimp before I grilled it, I explored aisle after aisle and enjoyed browsing the shelves. I felt like a kid […]

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