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Restaurant Week Part 2: Gaslight Grill

Written By: Mary Bloch - Jan• 21•13

I had never been to Gaslight Grill before, so when offered a complimentary preview of its Restaurant Week menu, I was pleased to have the opportunity to visit. It’s located in Leawood, in the space that at one time occupied the south location of Plaza III.Gaslight Grill

The restaurant is quite large, and consists of a cozy bar, a dining room with soaring ceilings, and a back room where diners can listen to jazz while they enjoy their dinner.

We started with a very nice kale salad with a lemon dressing, goat cheese and sliced almonds, and a grilled asparagus and portobello mushroom salad that was light and flavorful. The other RW appetizer is a hummus trio with pita.Asparagus and Portabello--Gaslight GrillKale salad--Gaslight Grill

My husband and I aren’t big meat eaters, and though I gather from looking at the regular menu that beef is the restaurant’s specialty, I was glad to see that the Restaurant Week menu has other attractive options.Roast Chicken--Gaslight Grill

We shared pan roasted salmon with leek risotto, and roast chicken atop a sweet potato cake with tasso ham gravy. Both entrees came out piping hot, and tasted every bit as good as they looked. Had we wanted meat, the RW menu features filet mignon with potato puree and broccoli.Salmon with leek risotto--Gaslight Grill

By this time we were full, but since Restaurant Week meals include dessert, how could we resist? Though we didn’t make it through the beautiful multi-layered carrot cake tower, it wasn’t for lack of interest. The white chocolate cheesecake was also a treat, but part of it went in the doggy box as well.Carrot Cake--Gaslight GrillWhite chocolate cheesecake--Gaslight Grill

Our experience was enhanced by the server who waited on us. The GM may have assigned us their best waiter because he wanted to make a good impression; in any event I can’t imagine there is a better server in the house than Marcus. When we return, I will certainly ask to be seated in his section. He was extremely professional, friendly and attentive, without being obsequious.

Many of the restaurants that are part of the RW roster fill up and won’t be able to accommodate diners if they wait too long to make a reservation. But Gaslight Grill can handle almost 400 guests, so don’t hesitate to give them a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Restaurant Week ends January 27. It’s not too late to participate.

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