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Around the BLOCK

Remedy Food + Drink

Written By: Mary Bloch - Jul• 10•12

What fun it was to walk into the new Remedy Food + Drink, which now bears little resemblance to its former occupant, Kennedy’s. This is a cool space with a creative menu to match. And Chef Max Watson, formerly a partner with Patrick Ryan in the Port Fonda food truck, is in the kitchen.

Max greeted us with a smile and understandable exuberance about his new gig. He and our very knowledgable and enthusiastic server waxed poetic about the concept, which is all local, all the time (except for the beans, see below). Everything is made on premises, and all the produce comes from farms in the area.

We tried two of the day’s specials, which rotate constantly  depending on what Max can get in.  The first was “creamed” corn  made without cream. The corn had been pressed to express the corn milk and that was combined with fresh corn kernels for a luscious and flavorful dish. The melon salad consisted of diced melon with tomato confit and prosciutto and was stunning. Chef Max said he’s not a fan of green salads, so don’t expect to find traditional salads on the menu. Instead, relish in the Rancho Gordo bean salad, the contents of which will vary depending on what beans Max gets in from the grower in Napa, or perhaps an Israeli couscous salad with grapes, arugula and feta. The butter lettuce salad may look traditional at first glance, but it comes grilled for additional flavor and interest. 

On the recommendation of both Max and our server, we had an order of pig tails with pickled celery root hot sauce…it was just too unusual to pass up. The pig tails were cooked and the meat taken off the bone, then reconstructed, lightly fried and made into croquettes. Though quite interesting and not as odd as one might expect,  I’d rather use my fry calories on the awesome French fries that I had with my BLT.

And the BLT was perfect. I don’t eat much bacon–in fact, only  in the summer, and only in a BLT. The bacon in this sandwich was crisp, the heirloom tomatoes were thick, ripe and juicy, the bread was grilled and there was just the right amount of mayo. Although I asked for my sandwich with French fries (and was easily accommodated), the sandwich typically comes with homemade potato salad.

Though three of us couldn’t resist indulging in a BLT on a hot July day, the 4th in our group was a bit more adventurous, ordering the chicken cordon bleu. It was served atop crisp polenta and Brussels kraut (sauerkraut made from shaved Brussels sprouts). The chicken was moist and the different elements of the dish complemented each other well.

Other items of note on the menu are the pork shoulder, which I would expect to be excellent considering the number of pork butts Max cooked up for Port Fonda, and a half-pound hamburger made with McGonigle’s beef on a Farm to Market pretzel bun.

The grilled cauliflower steak with olive tapenade also caught my eye for vegetarians looking for an interesting, out-of-the-box alternative to the many meat entrees. The carrot fettuccine with mint pesto and swiss chard would sweetly fit that bill as well.

Since Drink is part of the name, you can be sure that there’s an emphasis on cocktails here. Liquid refreshments are made with fresh ingredients, including fresh squeezed juices, foams, shrubs, etc., going the way of most trendy bars these days.

Remedy is open for lunch and dinner,  for happy hour and soon for brunch.  If you remember Kennedy’s, banish that image from your mind and check this place out. The upbeat atmosphere and spot on food will make your day. I guess that’s the point of the name…

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