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Q 39

Written By: Mary Bloch - Aug• 18•14




Q 39 is an anomaly in town. Q 39It’s one of the few restaurants in town with a focus on barbecue that has a serious array of other offerings. The award-winning chef/owner, Rob Magee, turns out some pretty awesome chicken, brisket and fall-off-the-bone tender ribs, while also serving up salmon salad, burgers, and chicken tortilla soup, among other non-barbecue options.

Walking into Q39, one immediately senses that this is not going to be a typical barbecue experience.There’s a good-looking bar upfront for sports enthusiasts and those desiring a real cocktail, an open kitchen with a wood-burning grill to cook steaks and fish, and a nicely appointed dining room with rustic but chic wood furniture. Magee’s medals and trophies grace one wall, letting customers know that this is no upstart establishment.P1020676

When my husband and I first tried Q39, I ordered a competition bbq plate and pulled pork sandwich with slaw (a la Oklahoma Joe’s Carolina style sandwich) so we could try a little of everything, including the awesome French fries.I was so excited to dig in I forgot to take photos of the untouched plate. While we enjoyed the meats, we both thought the barbecue sauce lacked the depth and thickness of those around town that we love, like Oklahoma Joe’s, LC’s and Danny Edwards. And unlike most barbecue joints, the sauce is not available tableside in big squeeze bottles.  My husband uses meat as a vehicle for his sauce, so he was less than enamored that he had to ask for more sauce 5 times, and all he got each time was a small little dipping sauce container. Hopefully, they’ll rectify that because we aren’t the only Kansas Citians who like our sauce.P1020680Competition Platter--Q 39

The Spiced Onion Straws seem to be a big seller, so we decided to get an order for “dessert”. The first few bites were tasty, but then the grease caught up with me and I let my husband finish them.Onion Straws--Q 39

On our next visit we started with the onion straws again, and the “Planet’s Best” chicken wings.Chicken wings--Q39 I still think the onion straws are too greasy, but I loved the wings. Drenched in sauce, they were meaty and a bit addictive. We also sampled that very smokey tortilla soup, the grilled chicken cobb and another one of those competition plates. The grilled chicken on the salad was charred yet tender, the bacon came in substantial chunks instead of small bits, the greens were crisp and the dressings I ordered on the side were both flavorful and homemade. My only suggestion would be to add that traditional element of avocado to add more depth to the salad.Cobb salad with grilled chicken--Q39Smoked chicken tortilla soup--Q 39

The meats and ribs on the platter were excellent, as before, but none of us at the table thought the slaw was worthy of any love.photo 3

I agree with the many fans of Q39 that it’s a welcome addition to the crowded Kansas City barbecue scene, especially if you don’t want to wait in a long line (you can make a reservation here), you’re looking for a leisurely dinner with a nice array of cocktails, beer and a decent wine list…or even a non-barbecue meal, and you prefer to be waited on rather than ordering at a counter. But, Q39 is not going to be replacing Oklahoma Joe’s or Danny Edwards’ in my heart (or stomach) anytime soon.P1020675

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