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Prairie Fire Oven

Written By: Mary Bloch - Aug• 02•12

I first met David White and sampled his pizza while attending Art in the Vines at the Somerset Ridge Winery in Paola Kansas. Prairie Fire Oven is similar to a food truck in that the oven is on a trailer that hitches to a car or truck, but a separate fold up tent is part of the operation. It’s set up at each site and becomes command central. That’s where orders are taken, ingredients are put on the pizza crust, and finished pies are handed over to their expectant customers.

The oven is primed with cherry and oak fired wood and, according to White, the oven itself is the same as the type used at Pizza Bella, so you know you’re going to be getting a restaurant quality product. At 800 degrees, each pizza bakes quickly, getting the char that I love.

White acknowledged that he doesn’t make the dough himself, but it is made locally,   shaped and delivered. The crusts are chewy, but thin enough to fold.  David uses fresh and gourmet ingredients to create delicious pies.

We sampled several of them: The Queen, a traditional Margarita pizza with tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella, sea salt and olive oil; The Somerset Truffle pizza, undoubtedly given that name because it was served at the Art in the Vines; and a pear pie with sliced pears, gorgonzola, mozzarella,  Parmesan, tangerine balsamic vinegar, arugula and roasted walnuts. The truffle pizza, with mushrooms, mozzarella, spinach and truffle oil was my favorite. I intended to just have one piece since we were on our way to dinner, but I absolutely couldn’t resist having another.

David travels around, mostly in Kansas, but he’s trying to find a way to make his presence felt on the Missouri side of the state line.

Follow Prairie Fire Oven on Facebook to find David and his fine pizzas.

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