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Latin Bistro Express: First Taste

Written By: Mary Bloch - Apr• 09•13

Latin Bistro Express is the fast casual concept created by Chef Tito of Latin Bistro in North Kansas City. While the man himself was in the house the day I went through the food line, it was not as pleasant an experience as my visits to his bistro have been. And I’m talking just about the food; obviously getting your meal Chipotle-style is completely different than dining at a full-service restaurant, though the chef’s personality was on display here as well.Chef Tito--Latin Bistro ExpressLatin Bistro ExpressBurrito--Latin Bistro Express

The menu is displayed on a big sign above where the food prep takes place. It features the typical taco, burrito and tamale presentation. Beans, rice and salsa are all extra. I was surprised that even the tacos were served sans salsa;  I understand the labor and costs involved in offering salsa when prices are already so low, but even a bottle of hot sauce on the table would have made the experience more hospitable…and tasty.pork tacos--Latin Bistro Express

My husband thought the tamales were fine–flavorful, but not light. We also had one burrito and one pork taco. Even without salsa, the pork taco with salsa verde (pork is prepared two ways here, either braised with red or green chili sauce) was the better of the two.Tamales--Latin Bistro Express

The small shop is a block from KU Med Center, and is open for lunch only.

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Latin Bistro Express

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