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Krause Dining in Lawrence

Written By: Mary Bloch - Nov• 15•09

Krause Dining--back roomPumpkin Bisque with lobster--Krause DiningTime is running out to get thee to Krause before it closes in mid-January. Treat yourself to an exceptional (albeit expensive) evening. You need only pick up the phone and make a reservation without delay, it’s booking up quickly as fans make one last pilgrimage to this extraordinary restaurant.

This is a no menu type of place–chef’s choice. Six or seven small but intensely flavored courses, best enjoyed with the offered wine pairings. Each plate is a portrait of color, each bite a revelation. Robert Krause-Skillet of wild mushrooms

We enjoyed escargot (out of their shells) and chestnuts with beet and fava bean purees, pumpkin bisque with lobster, an immense diver scallop with parsnip puree, Diver Scallop--Krausemushrooms on brioche, duck two ways with couscous, a duo of wasabi granita and pana cotta, and chocolate souffle injected with decadent chocolate sauce. These simplistic labels (and muted photos) don’t do justice to the skill and creativity of Chef Robert Krause, but hopefully they will spur some interest and motivate you to experience this little bit of nirvana before it’s too late.

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  1. PHIL DIBBLE says:

    After reading this we tried Krause Dining. Pretty much as you described it. The wine selections (someone mentioned new world wines) but I thought that a put-down. We enjoyed several European wines. Priscilla found the fish selection a bit too fishy whereas I liked it. All of this on a beautiful snowy night. Sorry they are moving on!


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