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Around the BLOCK

Kona Grill

Written By: Mary Bloch - Jun• 18•11

Kona Grill is one of those chains I’m willing to patronize. I enjoy the food and I love sitting by the open windows on a delightful spring day.

A relatively new menu gave me an excuse to have lunch there the other day. Since my last visit, they’ve added a number of outdoor tables, though we grabbed one of the indoor tables by the window in case the skies opened up, as they were threatening to do.

We started with edamame and moved on to a very flavorful seaweed salad. Starters include  ahi wonton crisps, which were topped with slices of rare tuna and drizzled with a wasabi aioli. Though it’s a trendy appetizer at many restaurants these days, we jumped on it and really enjoyed Kona’s rendition.

We also ordered one of the Chef’s Plates, which affords the chef the opportunity to exhibit some creativity.  The Jalapeno Yellowtail Sashimi was a winner. The thin slices of fish were topped with sliced jalapeno and cilantro, and yuzu ponzu sauce (think citrus). The jalapeno provided a bit of a kick but was far from overpowering.

Feeling way too virtuous at this point, we had to have a sushi roll, so we opted for the one of Kona Grill’s specialty rolls. The Caterpillar roll appears on most sushi lists, but it’s one I’ve always enjoyed since my son turned me onto it years ago. It has fresh eel and cucumber inside, topped with slices of avocado and eel sauce.

Non fish or sushi lovers have plenty of other options to choose from, including, sandwiches, noodles, salads and complete entrées. Meatloaf, steak, Korean BBQ Chicken, and even lobster mac & cheese grace the rather extensive menu.


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