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I’ve definitely joined the food truck craze, and have been trying to sample as many of the vendors as I can. Just like not all restaurants are the same, neither can food trucks be lumped together. I prefer those that are a cut above the rest, with either upscale (as is the case at Port Fonda), or at least unusual fare, beyond the food trucks of old that stick to hot dogs, nachos and burritos.

Indios Carbonsitos is in the latter category. Not upscale, but certainly interesting…and tasty. Yes, they have hot dogs and nachos, but the nachos are made with barbecue sauce, so certainly not typical. The fare is billed as MexiQ, a concept I could embrace, though I didn’t try those nachos.

The truck is usually in Kansas City, Kansas, though it does venture out to festivals and the like. I found it via Facebook one weekend when it was at Park Place in Leawood.

Having heard about the pork sandwiches, that’s what I ordered.

They are known as Tortas Ahogadas, consisting of pork on a soft roll and smothered with a spicy or mild sauce. I ordered it spicy, but it was mild enough that I wondered if they had given me the wrong sauce. I decided it did have a bit of a kick, but not enough to require a glass of water to put out the fire. The pork was tender and not at all fatty; it had some beans mixed in with it and was topped with slices of avocado and chopped onion. Definitely a substantial meal, and a bargain at $6.

Other menu items include tacos, gorditas, Mexican hamburgers, hot dogs, and BBQ tamales.

For now, this is a part-time job for owner Andrian Bermudez, but he hopes to someday be successful enough to drop his day job and pursue his passion full-time.

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2 thoughts on “Indios Carbonsitos

  1. thank you for the review. I would like to apologize for the lack of kick on your torta, the wife is a little conservative on that end. I will be sure to work on that. You can always ask for more sauce though. i do.

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