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First Taste: Louie’s Wine Dive

Written By: Mary Bloch - Apr• 30•13

Louie's Wine DiveMy first visit to Louie’s Wine Dive in Waldo was a very pleasant one. From the owners to the servers and bartenders, everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful, and they all wanted us to be happy with our experience.

We were there on a Monday evening, during Happy Hour. I had heard that the noise in the restaurant can be deafening when full, but Chalk board at Louie's Wine Divefortunately we were there at a time when it wasn’t packed, and they were playing great old tunes from the 70s and 80s. We could also see their unique wine program in action. They have a printed wine list, but also sell many bottles that are only listed on the big blackboard display.

Unlike most restaurants that sell certain wines by the glass and others only by the bottle, at Louie’s they will open any bottle even if not typically offered by the glass as long as the diner/sipper commits to buying two glasses. Every Monday they have a Fire Sale with discounted glasses of wine that they need to move after a weekend of popping corks, and those are posted on the board. I noted that many of the wines on the list were marked up pretty high, but my discussion with the owner indicated they were aware of that and are in the process of making the prices more reasonable.Louie's Wine Dive

After deciding on a glass of wine on tap (a growing practice that keeps the air out better than replacing the cork on an opened bottle), I ordered a Reuben. It was quite good, made with slaw not kraut, and the corned pork was quite tender and moist. The fries were thin, but not particularly crisp.Reuben and fries--Louie's

My husband had the wild mushroom ragout with root vegetables over quinoa and, after a bite, I agreed with his assessment that it was not exciting or particularly flavorful, but had potential.Wild mushroom ragout--Louie's

The staff has also set up a room in the basement, called the Bubble Room, where they will feature live music several nights a week. The food menu will be available downstairs.

Kansas City is home to one of three Louie’s Wine Dive restaurants and, according to our server, each has a vastly different personality. Ours has all the makings of a comfortable neighborhood hangout. There may be no real Louie, but he’s making his presence felt here anyway.

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