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Around the BLOCK

El Dorado

Written By: Mary Bloch - Jul• 04•12

El Dorado is a tiny little Mexican restaurant in Greenwood, east of Hwy 291 on Hwy 150.

The restaurant itself is not much to look at, but that’s rarely the point when you’re looking for some satisfying Mexican fare. It does have a cozy bar with a full array of liquor and there are two large flat screen TVs in the dining room.

The bowl of chips were served warm with a traditional salsa that had a bit of a kick to it, but not enough that I didn’t ask for a hot version as well. The hot salsa was made with a different chile and had a brown tint to it. It was loaded with flavor, but wasn’t so hot that it couldn’t be eaten on its own.

I had two small burritos, one with pork carnitas smothered in salsa verde, a thick tomatillo sauce. The other burrito had a chicken filling and was topped with El Dorado’s special red sauce that usually accompanies the Chile Colorado, so I’m guessing it was a chile de arbol.  I ordered black beans on the side, soupy enough to need a spoon.

My husband had enchiladas with mole. The sauce was outstanding–it had the proper hint of chocolate and cinnamon, with just the right  thickness. (I had a disappointingly thin mole sauce at Paparico’s last week and this was far superior.)

He also had a chunky pork tamale that was light and moist.

El Dorado may not be in your neck of the woods, but if it were on Southwest Blvd,  I predict people would be lined up to get in. As it is, if you’re in Lee’s Summit or Raymore, you might consider making the trek.


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