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Blanc Burger and Bottles

Written By: Mary Bloch - Apr• 19•10

I’m certainly not the first to weigh in on the newest location of Blanc Burger and Bottles, but it’s still worth a mention. The Plaza venue is a big improvement over the original in Westport, which was way too small, and the Mission Farms location, which is way too loud. While this one may not be just right, it is arranged in such a way that some of the sound is buffered and, beyond that, it’s an attractive space with unique dividers and a room-long bar for eating and/or sipping beer.

The menu is basically the same, though there are a few additional items, including fried peppadew peppers, beer battered Shatto cheese curds, and a $100 short-rib stuffed burger with foie gras butter for a mere $15.

On our visit, we stuck to old favorites, all of which were every bit as good as what we had enjoyed previously at the other locations. The Bison burger was juicy, and I like the combination of pepperjack cheese and peppadew jam which tops it off. My other favorite is the Spiced Lentil burger, topped with spiced yogurt and cucumber salad. We shared truffle fries, which were a bit too oily for my taste, and the regular fries. I prefer Blanc’s sweet potato fries, but had no trouble polishing these off.

We didn’t have room for a milkshake, but one of these days I’m going to have to try one of  the liquor based “grown-up” milkshakes. Beer drinkers have more than 100 to choose from, soda drinkers have some interesting options, and even the wine list is far from ordinary.

I suspect Blanc has a gold mine on its hands, situated as it is in the heart of the Plaza. It’s also refreshing that there’s another independent operator on the Plaza–for too long it has been overrun with chains. I hope this starts the reversal of that mentality, back to the way it used to be when the area was known for its unique specialty shops and restaurants.

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  1. midwest_kitchen says:

    I love that their local and putting this concept together. Iin my one visit to the new location it just seemed to big for them to operate as well as the Westport location. Everything we had was just a bit off and for the first time we had to send food back twice for errors in cooking. Still some of the best of the new, and getting tired, burger craze but I will still give them my business.

  2. m + j says:

    I love the cute shopping cart fry basket! My husband and I are excited to go try this restaurant, thanks to your review! It sounds like a unique and interesting alternative!

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