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Bier Station

Written By: Mary Bloch - Jun• 24•13

What a great concept the Bier Station is! Bier Station

My husband I went last month, not having the slightest clue what to expect other than that it’s a venue selling beer to consume on site or to go. We walked in at 6 pm to find a very full house. Looking around to get our bearings we found an entire wall of refrigerated beer of all sizes and from around the world, available for sale. In front of us was a long bar with a dozen or so taps on the wall, highlighted by green subway tile representative of a train stop in Germany.Beer cases--Bier StationThe interior--The Bier Station

Above the bar was a TV listing and updating the draft beer choices, along with the size and cost of each. One of the men behind the bar sensed that this was our first time in, and he walked us through the process. We got lucky because that man turned out to be owner John Couture, who came up with the concept while traveling in Cologne, Germany. John asked what kind of beer we like and offered me several different styles before I found one that suited me. He explained that we should order beer, and food if desired, at the bar. Handing over a credit card would allow us to run a tab.Bier StationThe bar--Bier Station

From the small menu, we ordered a Melted Gruyère and Tomato sandwich, a Japanese inspired pork brat with wasabi mayo and ponzu-spiked slaw on a pretzel bun, and a warm jalapeno cheddar soft pretzel with mustard and cheese dipping sauces. In addition to the grilled cheese, pretzel and bratwurst options, you can also order a charcuterie and cheese plate. Nothing fancy, just hearty fare that pairs well with beer and soaks up the suds.Cheese and Jalapeno Pretzel with cheese sauce--Bier StationGrilled Cheese with mustard--Bier StationJapanese inspired brat--Bier Stationthe biergarden at The Bier Station

It was full in the main dining room so we went upstairs to the roof, a fun bier garden with garage doors that open when the weather cooperates. We sat down at one of the communal tables and talked to the people around us as we waited. A server found us to deliver our food; no need to schlep back downstairs to fetch it.Farm To Market Pretzels at the Bier Station

The Bier Station offers daily specials and regularly brings in brewmasters from breweries around the country. The evening we were there we received discounts on beer from Grand Teton Brewing Company, heard a talk about its brew practices, and received two beer glasses with the Grand Teton name and logo etched on them.

With a full calendar of special events, an ever-rotating array of beer from around the world, and straightforward and well-executed munchies, the Bier Station seems to have devised a winning formula. And though I had only a brief conversation with its amiable owner, I can’t help but root for his success.

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