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Around the BLOCK


Written By: Mary Bloch - Jul• 29•13

Standing outside the front door of Affare on Main St. in the Crossroads District you would never expect what lies within. The restaurant itself is quite large, but part of the massive room is given over to a lounge and bar for those who only want a drink or bite to eat. The latter proposition is an easy one; the menu is comprised of small plates organized by the source of the ingredients–In the Garden, Under Water and In the Barn.AffareIMG_0840

Chef/owner Martin Heuser and his wife Katrin bill their cuisine as “Modern German”. While there is the obligatory schnitzel and spatzle, most of the menu reads more Continental…and no matter what you order, bring your camera. Each dish is a work of art on a plate.Pretzel rolls--Affare

Pretzel roll lovers will be delighted to see that a basket of them (courtesy of Farm To Market) comes to the table along with a bowl of spiced olives to whet your appetite. After that, it’s best to either rely on your server or ask a lot of questions since the menu needs deciphering. Our server was more than happy to assist and did a beautiful job of helping our table construct a balanced meal by choosing from each of the categories.Beet salad--Affare

We started with Red Beet Salad with flower blossoms and leaves, goat cheese and spiced pecan nuts, and Sommerfest: geräucherter black forest Schinken with heirloom tomatoes and summer squash.Spring vegetable salad--Affare

Lump Crab Salad in a roasted red pepper roulade, with frisee lettuce and madras curry paint was beautiful but tiny and a bit more bland than its composition would suggest.Roasted red pepper Roulade with lump crab salad, madras curry paint, compressed cucumbers--Affare

Pretzelknödel served with chanterelle mushrooms and brandy-cream sauce sounded rich when our server described it, and though that proved to be the case, it was so much better than a savory bread pudding would suggest, especially if you’re a mushroom lover.

Standouts on various visits included mushroom soup, Mushroom soup--Affarea beautiful elk chop, a bison short rib, and baked quail, wrapped in cabbage with almonds, cranberries, cassis jus, and celeriac puree. The lemon risotto that accompanied the seasonal seafood didn’t have much oomph, but the fish was delightful.Bison short rib--Affare*Edelfisch Allerlei (seasonal seafood) in liaison with lemon risotto, asparagus spears--AffareBaked Quail Ballontine, wrapped in cabbage with almonds, cranberries, cassis jus, celeriac puree--Affare

The most beautiful of our dishes was the Ricotta-Erbsen Ravioli with carrot puree and balsamico foam, and it tasted as good as it looked.Ricotta-Erbsen ravioli with carrot puree and balsamico foam--Affare

No visit to a German restaurant is complete without apple strudel, and this one is worth the splurge, as was the Black Forest Cake, which came with a shot of kirschwasser for drizzling over the cake.Apple Strudel--AffareBlack Forest Cake--Affare

In addition to the main dining room, there’s a private dining space, as well as a long picnic table in the outside courtyard for special events.

My favorite area of town to dine just got a bit sweeter.

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