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Written By: Mary Bloch - Sep• 14•09

IMG_0348IMG_0349Hooray! 1924 Main has started serving lunch again. I used to tout it as having one of the best noontime deals in town, and I am happy that it is once more an ideal place for a quality meal at an extremely reasonable price. Specifically, two dishes for $10–you just can’t beat that. And we’re not talking two dainty portions–the sandwiches are quite substantial, so big eaters need not worry that they won’t get enough to eat.

We were treated to those delicious fried green beans with aioli and toasted garlic. I  then enjoyed a tomato watermelon salad with feta and mint, and a pulled pork sandwich with a crisp fried green tomato and slaw on a hearty pumpernickel bun. The fish tacos are another winner. The fish had a blackened seasoning and was served with tomato salsa and a chipotle crema. The pork belly BLT was very tempting–I look forward to trying that sandwich next visit along with a grilled calamari and barley salad.

Those looking for a quick lunch will find it here. If you order two dishes they are served together, in separate bowls or plates sitting on one long platter. Very attractively presented and also smart, so people can eat and get back to work.

Recognizing the strain our economy has put on diners’ wallets, owner Rob Dalzell has revamped 1924 Main’s dinner menu as well, so that it is also very affordable. Dinner is now 2 for $20 or 3 for $25. The menu features about seven entrees, including a pimento cheese burger, short ribs and a pork shank, as well as 10 starters. You may remember my rant in an earlier post about the outrageous prices at Houston’s–here you’ll get a satisfying three course dinner for less than those ribs! IMG_0350

Rob also owns Chef Burger and Pizza Bella. The pricing here is now on a par with his other venues.

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  1. DLC says:

    Has it really become that much cheaper? Excellent news. And I’m very glad they are open for lunch.

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