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Fiesta Azteca

Written By: Mary Bloch - Mar• 17•10

Fiesta Azteca is a tiny gem located in Raytown. Owner Andres Orozco is a force–he’s understandably proud of the food prepared in his kitchen and he wants everyone to enjoy themselves while under his roof.  He claims to serve the best margaritas in town (while I can’t argue with that statement, I haven’t sampled every restaurant’s margarita in the city, so I’ll reserve judgment for now) and he strongly urges diners to try some of his specialties rather than going with the old standards.

On this score, he is absolutely correct. The basic enchiladas and tacos are fine, but they aren’t anything special. In fact, I found the enchilada sauce to be rather bland and thin, not rich with chile flavor as it ideally should be.

However, if you try the carnitas, chile verde, shrimp diabla, or any of the dishes towards which Victor steers you, you’ll be delighted. Better still, let him do the ordering and he’ll serve you his favorites–shrimp or chicken in a chipotle cream sauce, chicken smothered in black bean sauce, shrimp in a tequila lime sauce, to name a few (he loves everything on the menu).

The salsa that comes with chips is addictive–fresh and flavorful with the right amount of  heat (though I always ask for a spicy version as well). And I’m a stickler about my salsa….

The entire experience of eating at Fiesta Azteca is delightful. It is filled with young families early in the evening, but no matter when you go you will be well fed and cared for.

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  1. Janine says:

    Yep! It’s awesome!!!

  2. […] an update to an earlier post, Fiesta Azteca has moved from Raytown to Lee’s Summit. Don’t expect any changes other […]

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